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Kelsey Reynolds, Event Organizer

By Shelby Harrell

When I first met Kelsey Reynolds, we were celebrating for the homecoming game with our sorority sisters. Kelsey is a favorite alumna of Delta Zeta, which is the sorority I belong to as well. I did not know at the time that she had a degree in English. All I knew was that she was from Raleigh and that she was my “grand-big sister” of my sorority family.

My “grand-big” graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in English with a concentration in journalism and a minor in criminal justice. I did not know at the time that we shared the same great passion of English, a passion that we would both pursue as a career.

Family history

Kelsey Reynolds comes from a family of writers. Her grandfather was respected for his weekly letter-to-the-editor submissions to the town’s local newspaper. “He wasn’t afraid to express his opinion,” says Kelsey. “He chose writing as his form of expression.” From her literary influences at home, it is easy to see why Kelsey decided to major in English while she attended Western Carolina University. Her family always encouraged her to read from an early age, instilling in her an everlasting passion for English.

Her current job…

Now Reynolds works at Fidelity Investments in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was suprised to learn that an English major could find work at an investment company; however, Reynolds informs me that many of her co-workers have English degrees as well. “It’s a very versatile area of study,” she says.

Reynolds finds her work as organizer of her company’s training events to be very fulfilling. She is in charge of booking resources for training or for setting up training events from scratch. She routinely goes through the process of booking a room, setting it up, and scheduling people to attend the event. Even though most of the work is “behind the scenes,” she does her job well, and she enjoys contributing to a successful company.

An extra inspiration

It was more than family influence that gave Reynolds the confidence to pursue her English career. Aside from being an active sister of Delta Zeta, Reynolds was an officer in the Panhellenic Council for two years as well as a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the honor society for English majors. Her experience with Panhellenic Council gave her a lot of experience organizing events, and being an active member of Greek life gave her experience working with people and being professional.

"Greek life requires an element of professionalism, which people wouldn’t generally realize because of the stigma that surrounds Greek life," Reynolds explains. "I am constantly finding parallels between my business life and my college days.”

Reynolds encourages aspiring writers to learn as much as possible and to always acknowledge their surroundings. “You never know where inspiration will come from,” she says.

Reynolds will always appreciate English and what its practice means to her. “I always end a book completely inspired…and when I write I feel a little lighter every time. That’s why I love English.”

These profiles were created by the Karen Greenstone's English 303 class (spring 2009)
and edited for the web by Mary Adams's English 303 class (summer 2009).

Students in Mary Adams's English 303 class (fall 2009) wrote additional profiles.