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Colin Christopher: English Instructor

By Jessica Osborne and Andrew Alexander

English instructor Colin Christopher wasn’t always the connoisseur of literature he is today. Though he did graduate with a B.A. in English from St. Andrew’s College in Laurinburg, N.C., Christopher chose to pursue two of his greatest loves in life — mountain biking and the great outdoors.

Working at R.E.I. outdoor suppliers, Colin sold the outdoor products he loves for 10 years. He later decided that returning to school was a wise option and chose Western Carolina University because of its many outdoor activities. To him, WCU had the best of both worlds — the great outdoors and an excellent English program.

Higher learning

Christopher lives with his wife in Asheville, North Carolina. He has fully adapted to the mountain lifestyle while finding joy in obtaining a higher degree to further his career in English.

Because he holds a master’s degree in English, a day never goes by without the extensive use of English. “It’s in my work every day,” says Christopher. Christopher uses his writing as a medium because he prefers to write things rather than speak. “I’m better on paper than in person,” Christopher said. “It gives us the chance to say the things we wish we could have said, rather than having to think about it thirty minutes later.”

Past and future of a writer

In terms of his experience and educational values gained at WCU, Christopher gives praise to Dr. Mary Fenton and Dr. Laura Wright for their extensive efforts to transform him from a “biker to a serious writer.”

Christopher has high aspirations for the future as well. Focusing on eco-criticism and post-colonial literature, he plans on moving to the University of Kansas to work on a Ph.D. Colin hopes to be a tenured professor in the future, and with his experiences, he will achieve that goal shortly.

These profiles were created by the Karen Greenstone's English 303 class (spring 2009)
and edited for the web by Mary Adams's English 303 class (summer 2009).

Students in Mary Adams's English 303 class (fall 2009) wrote additional profiles.