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Stacy Ruiz Weger, Survey Manager

By Katelyn Cooper

Who is Stacy Ruiz Weger?

After you graduate from college, do you aspire to find a career that can directly benefits the world? Stacey Ruiz Weger, a survey manager, provides research projects and documentation that aid our society. Weger graduated from Western Carolina University in 1998 with a degree in English. She states her degree has prepared her for her current position as a survey manager at RTI (Research Triangle Institute) International by strengthening her ability to conduct sound research and to report her findings.

Weger's college experiences of learning how to cite sources and use references have proven helpful in her day-to-day responsibilities. Ruiz-Weger states, "The teaching staff in Western's English program were very helpful in guiding me towards graduate school and providing references that assisted me in getting my foot in the door in the research field."


After graduating from Western, Weger lived in New York City for one year attending graduate school for publishing. After moving back to North Carolina, she landed her first job as a survey interviewer at a marketing research company.  This job led her to several other job opportunities in the research field where she worked on public health environmental and epidemiological research surveys. She has worked on nationally recognized surveys such as the American Community Survey and the U.S. News and World Report's Best Hospitals Survey. Her current position as a survey manager at RTI International allows her to manage several surveys in the social science field.

Using writing in her current career

Weger states, "Writing is a critical part of almost any job, and mine is no exception." In her occupation at RTI International, she and the other employees rely heavily on winning proposals for new research projects. They expect all staff to contribute to proposals several times a year. Nearly all the projects Weger contributes to require formal written reports that detail the findings of her work. Weger is also encouraged to write papers for publishing in peer-reviewed journals and for conferences. Not only does Weger compose massive reports and projects, but she finds that email is a constant source of communication in which the skill of writing is crucial.

Work that matters

Working with public and social research, Weger has found her inspiration in that her work has a direct benefit to society. For several years, she got the opportunity to work on a nationwide study investigating the environmental and genetic causes for breast cancer. Weger states, "It was an emotional experience to be a part of such a major study because breast cancer affects so many people, but it was also very satisfying to know that when I woke up in the morning and went to work, I was contributing in my own way to new research that could someday help women battle a deadly disease."

Weger believes one of the most important lessons to be learned is to always be open to new and different opportunities. She adds, "Don't pigeonhole yourself. Make sure you take advantage of all your contacts. Networking is important, and you never know when you'll need to call on someone again for assistance."

These profiles were created by the Karen Greenstone's English 303 class (spring 2009)
and edited for the web by Mary Adams's English 303 class (summer 2009).

Students in Mary Adams's English 303 class (fall 2009) wrote additional profiles.