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Just Do It!
by Darlene Archer
You’re graduating. Only yesterday you took your first steps on campus. All the buildings looked the same, your professors’ names were impossible to pronounce, and the thought of speaking in class made you sweat.

Well, what now?

Explore rainforests... As you walk down the hallway to Creative Writing, you see a poster: “Explore Rainforests, Climb Waterfalls and Paddle Wild Scenic Rivers in South America!” How did you miss it? What will you do? It sounds very appealing, but isn’t it dangerous?

WCU alum Dr. Anita Rose knows how scary making decisions is but says accepting your fear eases the pressure. Her motto: “You just have to do it!”

Before rushing into graduate school, Dr. Rose spent five years working in student affairs at the University of North Carolina. She assisted the vice chancellor, directed orientation, and worked with non-traditional students--tasks that both challenged and motivated her. Working matured Rose and encouraged her to listen to her heart. She found her way to WCU, where she received a Masters in English. She continued on at UNC Greensboro, finishing her PhD in 19th Century Literature.

Once a non-traditional student herself, Dr. Rose braved the cut-throat academic job market to become an English professor

Find your support system; don’t be consumed with doing it alone.
at Concord College. Although she’s known hardships, she has continued to choose education throughout her life. Education rejuvenates her. Whether she teaches the course or takes it, she always learns a lesson. “When you teach something, you learn it more thoroughly,” says Dr. Rose. Now teaching gives her life meaning and purpose.

Find your support system, advises Dr. Rose. Don’t be consumed with doing it alone. Dr. Rose thanks her wonderful friends and the encouragement of the English department at WCU for her success. She especially appreciates the department’s size, which makes it feel like home while providing a strong academic foundation.

“Know what you want to do and do it,” Dr. Anita Rose suggests. “You are your own biggest obstacle.”

Challenges are scary but also empowering. Just remember, you make the choice.