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The Sun Never Sets on the English (Department) by Gretchen Johnston

What happens when a group of English majors and professors head for the British Isles?

The Many Faces of Western North Carolina by Kasey Culbreth

Whatever your preferred pastime may be, the Cullowhee area has something for you.

The Mystery of Rick Boyer by Charles White

This is not your fatherís professor.

Who's responsible for this?

The Inkblot 2001 Staff

Just Do It! by Darlene Archer

The road to higher education may require four-wheel drive.

Student Publications: Just the Beginning by Angelica Waters

How to get your name in lights - or at least in print.

How to Get WIRED by Julian D. Rance

WCU overflows with desktop computers, specialty labs, and electronic classrooms.
So what exactly is all this stuff for?

English on the Fast Track by Danielle Schutz

If you think you need a degree in Computer Science to get a good job,
you're missing out on a lot more than a paycheck.

Who paid for this?

Inkblot's Generous Sponsors

Telling (True) Stories by Gretchen Johnston

Stay home. Write books. Meet astronauts.

Technically Speaking by Michael McCollum

English degrees aren't just for teachers and writers.

Change of Heart Leads to New Career by Britt Billings

"Thank God for general education."

The World Awaits... by Rachel Whisnant

For lawyers, doctors, and coroporate execs,
English degrees are the key to success.

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Writers Bring "Different" Experience by Virginia Culp

Through WCUís Visiting Writers Series, you can come face to face
with some of the most accomplished wordsmiths in the business.

Slam Your Head by Lea Menser

Are you brave enough to be judged? Step up to the mic and prove it.

English Freaks and Geeks by Andrea Blanksteen

From Native American Literature to Fairy Tales, English courses
cover much more than just "the classics."

Outside the Classroom by Susan Montalban

If you've got something to say, we have somewhere for you to say it.