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How to Get WIRED
by Julian D. Rance
Among the most “wired” campuses in the United States, WCU is a breed apart when it comes to technology. Since the fall of 1998, a well-equipped computer sits on the desk of every faculty member and every incoming student.

Electronic Classroom WCU has also created many general use and specialty labs, teaching stations, and classrooms. By partnering with the private sector, faculty and staff pilot initiatives with online courses, hand-held computers, and other new technology.

How does the English Department fit in? Studies show employers ask for majors in English more often than any other subject. Well-rounded, well-versed writers who adapt easily to new situations command high premiums in the Information Age. And in a world where a “right click” puts you above the competition, WCU English majors have a unique advantage.

In courses from Freshman Composition to Writing for Careers, students design web pages, write reports and proposals, use spreadsheets, try out the latest software applications, and publish magazines. They even create online help

In a world where a “right click” puts you above the competition, WCU English majors have a unique advantage.
applications. In 1999, when Western constructed the state- of-the-art Collaborative Advanced Technology Area (CATA), administrators enlisted students in Technical Writing to write the lab’s user-friendly documentation.

Many English students gain experience on the newspaper or the yearbook, which now includes an interactive CD-ROM. Most enroll in Writing for Multimedia, one of several English courses accepted for Western’s new multimedia minor.

By interning in writing, publishing, technology, and nonprofit organizations, English majors also get a leg up on the competition. “I got the chance to use my skills in the real world,” one major explains, “and I made connections I couldn’t make anywhere else.”




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