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LMP's Up All Night

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What is it?
Student Testimony


Up All Nite is a monthly even put on by Last Minute Productions. One Friday a month, Illusions (on the third floor of the UC) is dedicated solely to the entertainment that is Up All Night. This is a program that seems to be rather popular with all classes and kinds of people.

What is it?

What is Up All Night? Up All Nite is a program put on for students to come enjoy themselves, relax, have fun, and meet new people. There's something for everyone: games, activities, arts and crafts, karaoke….you name it, they have it! Best of all, it is free!

Student Testimony

D. White, an employee, described Up All Night as this, "Up All Nite is simply one Friday a month where everyone can get together and have some good fun. Greek, independent, freshman, senior, non-traditional students, race, religion, or whatever difference you may have doesn't matter. This is a great opportunity for those looking to meet new people or even those who may just be tired of the same old thing in this small town."

I strongly suggest that everyone attend at least one Up All Nite a semester. I have personally met great friends and have had tons of fun. Go ahead...try it!