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Life in Cullowhee

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Life in Cullowhee, WCU students learn quickly, is different than what students who attend Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, or Wake Forest University live during their college careers. Since WCU is located in a small college town in the mountains, it accommodates for some different and interesting alternatives to city life. Although Appalachian State is not far away, Cullowhee has a much more homey feel. The people seem to be a much more closely knit community, because there is not as much going on and Western is just a small school nestled in the mountains.


For starters, Cullowhee has its own self-appointed mayor. He is also an entrepreneur because not only does he own his own barber shop in “downtown Cullowhee” (located on central campus in between BOB’s and Subway), but is known to sell retail items such as socks and knock-off Ray-ban sunglasses.


If you are planning on going to Wal-Mart to pick up a few convenience items without running into anyone you know, think again. Wal-Mart is where most people go to shop for necessities and it is quite likely you will see at least one person you know while there, whether it be one of your friends, a classmate, or a teacher.


Downtown Cullowhee is a stretch of 5 stores in the center of campus, which include BOB’s Convenience Store, Subway, Wachovia, the barbershop, the Mad Batter, and a travel agency. Downtown Sylva is made up of one street, Main Street, which is a one-way street that loops around and joins back to itself, or can take you to Dillsboro, the next town.

Although Cullowhee is made up of the University, it is a small town full of character and friendly people who are always willing to give you a hand.