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Things to do in Cullowhee and the Surrounding Area

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Rock climbing
Base Camp Cullowhee
Last Minute Productions

Aside from guzzling beer and watching T.V., one may be surprised to find that there are plenty of things to do in and around Cullowhee. That is, if you know where to look.

Uncle Bill's semi-pro wrestling

A short drive down 441 toward Cherokee will take interested spectators to Uncle Bill's semi-pro wrestling at Uncle Bill's Flea Market. In the outdoor ring, wrestlers such as Fatty Love, the Scorpion, and Able Adams do battle. Currently, wrestlers only wrestle on the weekends and the competition ends around the end of fall, when it is deemed too cold outside to fight. If you want to read more on Uncle Bill's Championship Wrestling read my article, Men on the Top Ropes.

The University Theatre

The University Theatre offers a treasure trove of plays every semester and, for students, it's cheap. Student tickets usually cost $6. WCU usually puts on several plays every semester. For information on dates and tickets, go to their website.


WCU has a plethora of sports to keep spectators busy. From football in the fall to track and field in the winter, spring and summer, to basketball in the winter, there are plenty of opportunities to cheer on fellow catamounts. To get information on WCU sports go to the WCU Athletics website.

"Rock" climbing in Reed Gym

Every Tuesday night from 7 - 9 p.m., students can go "rock" climbing in Reid Gymnasium. Absolutely no experience is required to climb, climbers only need to show up. The climbing "wall" is actually a climbing spire with plastic protrusions. The spire rises almost to the roof of the gym and presents an interesting challenge for anyone willing to give it a try. For more information on climbing in Reid, read Michael Davis's article, Attention: Experienced or Aspiring Climbers, Reid Gym Offers Indoor Climbing Experience.


There are intramural games all year long. It's easy to sign up to play on a team for just about any sport, from basketball and racquetball, to bowling and table tennis. For a complete list of sports and how to sign up, go to the WCU intramurals website.

Base Camp Cullowhee

Take a trip to Base Camp Cullowhee, located on the ground floor of the Hinds University Center (the "UC"), and gear up for some indoor/outdoor fun. Base Camp Cullowhee plans events like rock climbing, kayaking, caving and backpacking. There are events for everyone from beginners to hardened professionals. Base Camp Cullowhee also rents equipment such as canoes, headlamps, tents, sleeping bags, and kayaks. Rental prices are very affordable, especially for students, who are charged a discount rate. To find out more, go to the Base Camp Cullowhee website.

Last Minute Productions

Last Minute Productions (LMP) is a great source for student entertainment. LMP shows movies on campus with free popcorn and soda for only $2 a student. They also bring bands to WCU at no charge to students. Aside from movies and music, LMP organizes special events such as road trips and on campus shows (magic shows, etc.). For information on events and times, call 828-227-7479, send an email to lmp@email.wcu.edu, or go to the LMP website.