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Getting around Cullowhee

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Limousine Service
Taxi Service
Catamount Shuttle Bus Service

Anybody hoping to get around Cullowhee, NC better hope they brought their own transportation because your options are limited. Be prepared to walk to the places you need to go or have somebody pick you up.

Limousine Service

In Sylva there is the 441 Discount Furniture and Limousine if you ever happen to need cheap furniture and a limousine at the same time you can kill two birds with one stone with this place. The phone number is (828) 586-0113 if anybody is interested. If you happen to be interested in a Limousine only and have no need for shopping for furniture, Sylva still has more than one option for you. Starlite Limo Service has the limo only option. Their Phone number is (828) 506-5944

Taxi Service

There is also four different taxi service a person could choose if they happen to be interested in getting a cab for their transportation services. Burch’s Taxi Service phone number is (828) 586-8118. There is a Dillsboro Taxi located on 1339 Savannah Drive and their phone number is (828) 586-6515. Messer Taxi Service phone number is (828) 586-2217. Willie’s Taxi Service is located on 5 Lindale Street and phone number is (828) 506-5944.

Catamount Shuttle Bus Service

If you need a ride that is free and on the campus of Western Carolina University you have the option of riding the Catamount Shuttle Bus Service. The shuttle operates from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday thru Friday. It is a free service and will take you to several different locations on campus.

These are about the only options for getting around the Cullowhee area. They will provide all your needs for transportation on or off Western Carolina University campus, if you happen to be without your own transportation.