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Laundry Services
Pizza Delivery

Cullowhee is not exactly known for the night life. Western Carolina University is where everything happens. Sylva is a neighboring town about ten minutes from campus. It is not huge, but it has some local service businesses and restaurants. Sylva and Cullowhee work well together in providing the needs of the community, and keeping that small town appeal.


According to Allison Bass, “Lord knows I have had to have a tremendous amount of work done on my pile of junk, and I would have to say that the best place ion town to get car work done for a respectable price is C.T. Auto Service.” Carl Throgmorton said,” Come on down, we’ll take care of you!” Their phone number is 586-8084.

If you have a foreign car and you can’t let the average mechanic work on your car, the place you want is Supri Auto Service. They handle most foreign cars, and they are speedy as well as dependable. Their phone number is 586-3952.

Lauren Poston says, “My car broke down on the side of the road, and the closest place to me was GMC, Pontiac Dealership. I walked over there; they helped me immediately and at a decent price as well.” She was very satisfied with the effort they put into helping her.


Carl Throgmorton said, “I know a great towing service that is affordable and may be good for students of whom need someone they can trust.” It was D+M Towing and the contact person is his son in law Mark Hooker. Sylva being a small town it really seems that everyone knows everyone, and can honestly tell you who to trust and who not to trust. Another benefit of this is that they work together to help the community and to help their neighbors get business. Their phone number is 586-9507

Laundry Services:

If you are looking for a place that will do your laundry for you, you can call Ted’s Laundromat. They handle dry-cleaning, as well as having coin operated facilities. Jennifer Wilkey said. “They are good, and fairly clean.” Their phone number is 586-2910 and a contact person would be Mary Helen

“There is a facility that will actually wash and fold all your laundry for you, just pay by the pound” says Carla Parish. So if you just want to drop it off, go to SUDS AND DUDS.

Pizza Delivery:

“Pizza Hut is good, but they are not fast. They do deliver, and they have awesome breadsticks” says Carla. Carla lives in Sylva, and really enjoys the small town atmosphere. She knows a great deal about the local services. Being a college student and working in this town, she knows well what is fast and convenient around Western Carolina University.