Shakespeare: A Bibliographical Guide

This guide was written by the students of English 431: Shakespeare and His Age. All copyrights belong to the authors. All rights reserved.


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Links for the Study and Teaching of Shakespeare


Kathman, David. Dating The Tempest.

Thekey document for the Stratfordian theory, Kathman's essay claims that The Tempest was written between 1610 and 1611, and was inspired by William Starchey's account of being stranded in Bermuda.

Molthopp, Vulker. Undating The Tempest. July 24, 1999.

The key document for the Oxfordian theory, Molthopps' essay attempts to disprove Kathman's claims, saying the verbal parallels occur throughout Shakespeare, while failing to address any of Kathman's other arguments.

Kathman, Dave, and Ross, Terry. The Shakespeare Authorship Page. April 23, 1996.

The main page for Stradfordian scholars, this site provides a wealth of information on the Stratfordian theory of authorship.

The Shakespeare Oxford Society Homepage. <>

The main page for Oxfordian scholars, this site provides a wealth of information on the Oxfordian theory of authorship.

Frontline, the Shakespeare mystery. 1998, PBS.

PBS program on Shakespearian authorship, this site provides many authorship links and information on the authorship controversy.


Insults and Humor



Gereral, Teaching, and Study Guides


O’Connor, Robert. The Shakespeare Globe Centre. The University of Sidney. 23 Mar. 2001      The Shakespeare Globe Centre Australia— seeks to promote Shakespearean arts and education.

Nguyen, Minh. William Shakespeare. The University of California, Los Angeles. 28 Sept. 1997. 29 Mar. 2001

The UCLA Shakespeare Reading and Performance Group, which was founded in 1993, have an interest in exploring the works of William Shakespeare, through study and performance.

Purchase, Heather. Writings on the Wall for Shakespeare.  London Evening Standard. 30 July 1992. 29 Mar. 2001 A handwriting expert has added weight to claims the Elizabethan author and philosopher Francis Bacon wrote the plays attributed to Shakespeare.

Shakespeare Society. 23 Mar. 2001.   An organization designed to help improve the understanding of Shakespeare and his works.

Shakespeare Oxford Society. 2001. 23 Mar. 2001. Provides information, resources and bibliographies on the Shakespeare authorship debate and the claims for Edward de Vere 17th Earl of Oxford as the true Shakespeare.


Hattaway, Michael.  We’re Making Macbeth. 29 Mar. 2001.

Students from the Alternative Shakespeare course at the University of Sheffield teach Macbeth to local children in this media journal.

Illinois Shakespeare Festival. Shakespeare Research Articles. 9 June 1999. 23 Mar. 2001

     “A program guides for the Festival always include a number of articles that relate some way to the plays being performed that year.  The articles range from historical and scholarly analysis to human interest.”

Web Directories

Keig, Alan. Shakespeare Resources on the World Wide Web. 2000. 23 Mar. 2001. The University of Adelaide library.      A plethora of sites on the web devoted to Shakespeare.

Shakespearean Links. 23 Mar. 2001.  A complete guide to the works of Shakespeare: reference links, theater links, and movie links.

The Plays

Henry VI Richard III Henry IV AsYouLikeIt King Lear Antony&Cleo Tempest


Henry VI

War of the Roses
Summary of Henry VI part 1

Summary of Henry VI part 2:

Summary of Henry VI part 3:
More War of the Roses Background

Richard III

Richard III

Richard III Society

Richard III Foundation

Richard III Society of Canada

Richard III: A play for Our Time

Richard III Sources: Thomas More

Richard III Museum

Shakespearean Insult Generator

Richard III's Misogyny

The Body in Shakespeare's History Page

Richard III on stage and off

Shakespeare Illustrated: Richard III

Study Guides
AllShakespeare's Reading Guide to Richard III

Richard III Reading Guide (Penguin/Putnam)

Richard III: Summary and note

Gradesaver pages on Richard III

Ultra-condensed version of Richard III  

Henry IV

As You Like It

sources for AYLI
article comparing AYLI to source

Access Indiana Guide to AYLI

All Shakespeare's Guide to AYLI

some essays on AYLI

Essay: Rosalind and Stock Dramatic Types

Some famous critical reactions

An article on Crossdressing in AYLI

an Introduction to the play

character study of Rosalind

Producing AYLI

King Lear

Antony and Cleopatra

Britannica A& S page
Joyce Carol Oates Page on A&S

A&S Teaching Resource

Sparknotes Page

Enjoying A&S page

A&S Discussion Forum

The Tempest

Teaching the Late Plays as Family Romance: by Gary Waller
Poetry & Symbolism: a study of the Tempest